The year was 2022, and the world had changed. The rise of blockchain technology had transformed the way people lived, worked, and played. And in the midst of this new reality, something strange had occurred.

An army of Jelly Invaderz had invaded the blockchain. These were no ordinary invaders, however. They were NFTs, unique digital assets that existed only in the digital realm. And they were unlike anything the world had ever seen.

Comprised of 4242 individual Jelly Invaderz, the first collection was a marvel of creativity and technology. Each NFT was randomly generated in the Jellyz Lab, with over 170 hand-crafted layers of artistry and complexity. And within this collection were a select few special edition Jelly Invaderz, each with its own unique hierarchy of rarity.

The team behind the Jelly Invaderz had thought long and hard about how to make their NFTs truly special. And they had hit upon the idea of creating special editions with their own forms of rarity. This was a stroke of genius, as it ensured that the collection remained diverse and interesting, with no single NFT overshadowing the others.

But the Jelly Invaderz were more than just unique and rare digital assets. They also gave their holders access to an elite interdimensional community. A community where the holders had a say in the future of the project. It was a rare opportunity to be part of something truly special, and those who held Jelly Invaderz knew that they were part of a select few.

The mint phase of the Jelly Invaderz had been a wild ride. A frenzy of activity as people scrambled to get their hands on one of the coveted NFTs. And amidst all the excitement, there was an Ether bot lurking, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

And when the moment came, the Ether bot pounced. It minted nearly all the remaining NFTs, leaving the community reeling. But even this unexpected turn of events couldn’t dampen the spirits of those who held Jelly Invaderz. They knew that they were part of something truly special, something that would continue to grow and evolve over time.

And so the Jelly Invaderz remained, a testament to the power of blockchain technology and the ingenuity of those who created them. As the years passed, new collections would come and go, but the original 4242 Jelly Invaderz would always remain, a symbol of innovation and creativity in the digital realm.

Brave Rewards

Holders of Jelly Invaderz NFTs can earn BAT (Basic Attention Token).

Get your Twitter verified with Brave Rewards as a Creator.
Complete Weekly Tasks found in the Discord.
Receive tips in BAT (Basic Attention Token).

Founder Capsules


100 Founder Capsules were created for those early few who had faith in the project and those that began to grow the community we know today.
The utility behind the Founder Capsules is kept secret from everyone but their owners.


Founder Capsules on


Q1 2022

✅ 100 x Founder Capsules Launch.
✅ 20 x Founder Capsules gifted
Jelly Invaderz Vault Launch.
✅ BAT rewards system implemented.
✅ Join the Lazy Lion community.
✅ Join the Neo tokyo community.
✅ Brave Browser Collaboration.

Q2 2022

✅ Smart Contract Deployed.
300 Jelly Invaderz reserved for community.
82 Jelly Invaderz Gifted to Founders.
Free mint whitelist launch.
✅ Public sale launch.
✅ Acquisition of Sandbox Land.
✅ Public Free MInt launch.

Q3 2022

– Collab Giveaways.
– Whitelist competitions.
– Free Mint competitions.
– Giveaway competitions.


Q4 2022

– Preparation for the 2nd Wave. 



The Creatorz


Multi-Disciplined Artistic Wizard
with more talent than you.


Your ‘Friendly’ Cosmic Captain.
Aka the ‘DAO Te Ching’.


Digital Mutant
and Creative Overlord.


What are Jelly Invaderz?
The Jelly Invaderz is a collection of 4,242 unique, randomly generated ERC-721 NFTs Invading the Ethereum blockchain.

Which blockchain ecosystem?

What is the mint price?
 0.05 ΞTH

Wen will the Jelly Invaderz be available to mint?
15 April 2022

What wallet should I use?
We like to use Brave Wallet but MetaMask and other popular wallets are supported.

How do I get whitelisted?
Whitelist Sale Closed.

Who are we?
Jelly Invaderz is a project built by a team of like-minded friends closer than brothers, each a professional in their field.
They have joined forces to usher in the future of ‘community’ with NFTs.

How many Jelly Invaderz can I mint?
Public Sale: Maximum of 5 x Jelly Invaderz per transaction.

Whitelist Mint: Maximum of 1 x Jelly Invaderz per wallet.

Wen will I be able to see my Jelly Invaderz (Wen is the reveal)?
We will roll out the reveal for Jellyz 24 hours after the Public Sale sells out.

The public sale has started, where do I buy Jelly Invaderz?
Only on our website,
We will have exact links posted, do not fall for scams!